What is Executive Coaching?


It's all about knowing yourself

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate - Carl Jung

In an Executive Coaching relationship, the coach will work with the client to create an environment that enables safe exploration of embedded behaviours, habits and outcomes.  Awareness of self enables a client to choose their path and change outcomes.


Executive Coaching will focus on your own self-awareness as a gateway to what you want to achieve. Coaching is an effective intervention, focusing on understanding our own behaviour and enabling forward mobility.

At Morson & Co Associates, our focus is on business and personal performance and how our behaviours, knowingly or otherwise, will impact on performance.

Carried out in a safe and comfortable environment, executive coaching will enable you to explore obvious and hidden barriers to success, so that you can begin working towards removing them and maximising your performance.


It's like maths really.

Potential - Barriers = Performance

Performance is maximised when nothing stands in your way. When nothing gets in your way, the sky is the limit.  Executive Coaching is the support mechanism you need to get to the root of what stops you performing at your best, thus enabling you to remove the barriers and FLY!


Executive Coaching is a fabulous support tool for Senior Managers with an organisational responsibility, Directors of SMEs or managers on a promotional trajectory.  With an open mindset, you will benefit from great coaching.  It could be sponsored by your business or you may have recognised that you need safe support and are seeking that support individually.

But the reality is that everyone has got something that they would like to do better, improve, tweak or relearn.   Executive coaching can help you get there.

Where and when?

We operate a flexible model that utilises voice, web-based video calling or good old face to face meetings, so it doesn't really matter where your are because we are just a skype-call away.  For face to face coaching, you will ideally need to be based in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire or the East Midlands.

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