Bespoke Training programmes


What Kind of Training Do We Offer

At Morson & Co Associates Ltd, our training programmes are designed around your specific needs.  

We will always spend time with you to understand those needs and discuss options so that you get the best possible value for money.  We do that by providing solutions that include coaching to embed training back in the workplace, from grassroots to board level.  After all, you don't want to invest in training and just see everyone go straight back to doing what they always did, do you?

Our delivery model is flexible so we will also work with you to find the right location and environment for any training programme you need.

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Building The Right Culture

We won't be the first to say that culture eats strategy for breakfast.  

We are passionate about helping our clients to create a culture that promotes positive engagement from employees and enables the smooth delivery of strategy as a result of that priceless commodity - discretionary effort! We want your teams to grow your business because they WANT to, not because you PAY them to.  

That's all about your culture and we can help you with that.

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Growth Through Customer Experience

It's not enough to just transact with customers anymore.   Gone are the days when you could simply exchange a product or service for cash and move on to the next transaction.  

Customers are more discerning these days and expect to feel great, to feel connection.  It's also really easy for customers to tell the world about how you made them feel - good or bad!  Our bespoke programmes will help you and your teams understand the levers you can pull to be best in class and create sustainability in your business model through brilliant sales behaviours, exemplary customer service and all that goes with it. 

That's all about the Customer Experience and we can help you with that.

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Getting The Best From Your Teams

When you hear 'Performance Management', what do you think?  Counselling, Performance Reviews, Disciplinaries?  Newsflash!  If you've reached that stage, you've not managed performance at all!

What if we helped you communicate with your teams so that they understood where they are right now?  What if they understood where they needed to be, and how to get there?  What if success was celebrated?  What if negative behaviours were managed swiftly, and those who do great work were encouraged and enabled to do more?  What if we could help you create a performing team with little or no application of a formal performance process?  

That's all about your management skill and we can help you with that.

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All Supported With Transformational Coaching

Let us paint a picture for you.  Imagine you have 3 sunflower seeds.  

You plant the first one, and give it no care and attention.  You plant the second one, and water it occassionally.  You plant the third one. You water it daily, feed it, give it something to cling to as it grows, you put it in sunshine or shield it from frost.  

Which of these seeds is more likely to grow?  Training is exactly the same.  If you do nothing, you'll be very lucky indeed to see your team flourish.  If you dip in and out, you might get some response, but there will be no extra effort given.  If you relentlessly nurture your team with coaching, you'll see the ROI on your training investment. 

We can do the coaching for you, or we can work with you over time to build the skill in house.   

That's all about how important landing the training is for you and we can help you with that.  

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